Wednesday, 9 May 2018

ToiTioi reading with PWC

During our morning session, we had been introduced to PWC volunteers. These PWC volunteers came to our classroom to talk to us about the newest issue of the Toitoi book. Our group had been taken outside so that we could have a more quieter place to read. When I was continuously reading, I had come across 3 favourite toitoi stories. The reason why I chose these as my favourite because it had emotions in the stories they wrote and also fantastic pictures that had been drawn my younger kids. The stories were called Phoenix, The fall and lastly A life with Type 1 diabetes. These stories were awesome to read and to look at. I had learnt a lot of new things during our session. We used our session for us to know and learn more about a new and published toitoi book. I got to know our PWC volunteer who was named Jess and got to read to each other and read different stories from kids around New Zealand.

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