Monday, 13 February 2017

Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day

1. On Friday 10 February, was a exciting day for the students and teachers because it was Water Fun Day. Room 7 had to set up the equipment.  

2. After that we had to get changed in our house colour Tee - shirts. So the classes had to line up in their class lines. Mrs Tofa called out which class was going to which activity. And then we started from activity to activity. It was so hard that I got wet and I couldn't run properly. Later on we kept switching to each activity. The water slide activity was the best because Mrs Kumar was wetting us heaps of times and slide onto the water slide, but sometimes the water slide could make you slip real quick. Finally we had to go to our last activity which was the zig zag run. The zig zag was amazing because you could run down the hill which was cool and the exhausting part was how you have to run up the hill which was really tiring. 

3. I felt really happy because I got to support my Rata house, got to play a lot of fun activities that were set up and had lots of fun with my friends and teachers.

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  1. Water fun day is a lot of fun and I am so happy to see you have written a recount about it Newsam. Check our class blog I have posted a video of the photos I took from that day.