Friday, 22 June 2018

The World

The world

We live in a world filled with beautiful nature
Blessed with living creatures.
It’s an adventure for us to discover,
this round earth with beautiful flowers
Feel free to do whatever you want
Endless opportunities filled with sun
Our world reunites
like birds singing all day and night
We can all be ordinary
With the sun’s rays
Making our planet extraordinary
HAHAHAHA the sound of laughter
as Venus and Mars
Wishes for living creatures.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Book Week Activity

During my day yesterday, it was a wonderful experience in Glenbrae school because it was our first ever book week. As soon as I entered into the school gates, I saw students dressed up as their favourite characters of their favourite books.

I had excitement building up in my body and I was ready to present my diorama about my favourite book called the Night sky. My character was a wise man who always knew about stars and discovered about the sky, that makes him an astronomer. Soon all classes gathered into the hall with amazing costumes and cheerful teachers with their funky costumes. The tables were set up around the hall with all our hard working projects. I was admiring the art works and the costumes.

Our principal announced each class to go up and show off their costumes. They had teachers dancing in the middle with their long, golden hair and their brooms and buckets. Sadly, we didn’t have much students dress up as their favourite character. But it still was a load of fun. Miss Blennerhassett was a judge for our costumes. She was having a hard time choosing people from the seniors, juniors and also the teachers. Guessing other people’s character was great fun.

After the costume parade, we got put into our areas where our dioramas were placed. We waited until we had an audience going around checking the work each class did. It was a great opportunity for me to explain what my book was about and how it affects me to keep reading. This was a great experience and I learnt a lot of things from other students about what they learnt.

This was a big help for me because it helped me know what reading could do to other people and how we can learn more about what other people like about their books.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

David Tua (Samoan Language Week)

My group and I had a task based on Samoan Language week. We were given to do our former heavy-weight championship, David Tua. We have created a google drawing about what we learnt about David's early life and his boxing career. Enjoy!

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Decimal Fractions

Decimals / Fractions :
1). 0.25 = 2/10, 5/100
2). 0.072 = 7/100, 2/1000
3). 0.290 = 2/10, 9/100
4). 0.02 = 2/1000
5). 1.029 = 10/10, 2/100, 9/1000

Decimal Problem :

0.008 + 0.125 + 0.15 + 0.005 + 0.185 =

1. 8/1000 + 5/1000 + 5/1000 + 5/1000  = 23/1000
2. 2/100 + 5/100 + 8/100 = 15/100
3. 1/10 + 1/10 + 1/10 = 3/10

0.473 : Answer

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Information Report about Neptune


Neptune is the furthest planet away from the sun and also known as the coldest planet. Neptune was ruled by a Greek God, the god of sea, Poseidon. It is also known as the densest giant planet, because it is more dense than all the rocky planets.

Urbain Le Verrier is a French mathematician who discovered the planet, Neptune. He predicted the existence about Neptune by using mathematics. As for Urbain Le Verrier, it took him 66 years to calculate and study about Neptune. Urbain Le Verrier had the honor to share the discovery of Neptune with a British mathematician named John Couch Adams. He believed that he was the first person to discover Neptune along with a man named Johann Gottfried Galle.

Neptune has 14 moons around it. One of those are known to be the largest moon around Neptune, that moon is called Triton. It is the first Neptunian moon to be discovered in 10 October 1846 by an astronomer named William Lassell. It orbits on the opposite of it’s planets rotation. Triton is thought as a dwarf planet captured by the kuiper belt which is a Trans-neptunian region. Triton has a surface made out of a frozen nitrogen, water ice crust, an icy mantle and lastly a core of rock and metal.

Neptune is the coldest planet in our solar system, because it is the furthest planet away from the sun, the sun doesn’t give heat to Neptune. Neptune is so far away from the sun which makes it cold. Neptune’s temperature is -214 Degree Celsius and that it can also have very huge storms with extremely strong wind. It’s known for its strangest weather in the solar system.

Neptune is the planet furthest from the sun and the sun doesn’t give heat to Neptune so that’s what makes Neptune cold. Urbain Le Verrier is a French mathematician and discovered Neptune by using maths.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Cooking Argument Writing

Why we should have a cooking class in the Glenbrae hall

Cooking is a activity when someone uses food and kitchenware to create a eatable  dish. In my true opinion, we should create a cooking class in school, because students should learn how to make and understand simple recipes. Students from Glenbrae should have the opportunity to learn and create what cooking is about, and what it can do to help our ideas in cooking.

Is it helpful to have a cooking class? Well, I will truly agree because students could gain more skills in cooking. It will be good for us so that we could have more knowledge from things we get taught in cooking class. It will be grateful if we could have the time to cook different things every, single day.

If we had a cooking class we could be begin to like food we didn’t like before. If each class comes out feeling happy or relieved, that means to me that they are having the ability to know more and that they have learnt something throughout the session. This is good for the school, especially the classes because it can cause us to feel like we want to create recipes of our own which could be very great.

Cooking is helpful for when you are a adult and need to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for someone or yourself. Knowing how to cook is a crucial part in life which everyone needs to know. Without knowing how to cook could leave you eating unhealthy microwave food. This is good for us to be into what could help us in life.

If we did cook at school, we would also learn more about safety awareness. Having safety advices is a good thing to have when we’re cooking, because it could help us feel more safer and having the protection from our staff members. These could make you not burn the kitchen or break some equipments. We should have these reminded to the students or have a list of safety advices for us to always remember when we’re cooking with peers.

These are my opinions on why we should have cooking in school. These could actually help us to develop our talents in cooking and it could help us learn different things we don’t know about cooking. Having cooking in school or in our life is helping our knowledge grow more by learning and having the ability to know what cooking is. So that is why we should have cooking in school.

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