Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Dog Profile

Today we have been given a activity about dogs. We had to pick a dog and I picked a "Golden Retriever." We had to look for facts about that dog and had to present it to the whole class.
I hope you enjoy my dog profile and I hope you enjoy these facts....

These are important facts about this dog and you should get a dog like this one because it is really intelligent and it can help you when your deaf. Read more facts about Golden  in this link - Golden Retriever Facts :)

School Holiday Recount

During the last day of school my parents created a surprise for us and didn't tell since we got back from school. We saw my parents packing up foods, clothes, some warm blankets and pillow. We went to the shops to buy Easter eggs for my younger cousins and my parents didn't tell us the place. We were trying to know the place we were going to.

After that my parents were ready to tell us. We were so excited to know where we were going and what we were going to do there. Finally parents exposed the secret. We were going to Hastings for a 4 day holiday. We were wondering about how long the ride was going to be. We had a 6 hour drive and we were not happy about how long the ride was. We wanted to do something fun during that 6 hours and all we did was take pictures and eat some food and drink water to be hydrated. We were very tired and we wanted to rest our heads, so we had a nap to relax while my dad is driving for 6 hours.

Later on we all woke up and it was almost 10 and we were still driving because my dad didn't know where to go. My dad didn't know where he was driving and we noticed that we were lost. We went to the gas station 3 or 4 times to fill our fuel. We had breaks and relaxed for a few minutes and we had to go again. We went to a around about and went to all four sections. We were really tired and we called my uncle to tell us the way to the house. We didn't know what to do, so we went twice to the 4 same roads we been to and check properly.

Then it was almost 11 in the evening. My dad was so scared that he thought that we were going to be lost forever. We kept on calling my uncle to tell us the way to the house and he told us where he lived, but the thing was that we didn't know where the road was. We were struggling really bad. We wanted to know which road was the house and where could the house be.

We wanted to wait neat some hotel nearby. We waited for 5 or 6 minutes. During that 5 or 6 minutes, we went outside to get some fresh air.  We soon saw a van and it was my uncle coming to help us. We first said hi to him and thanked him for helping us find the way home. We were happy that he came back. We went and followed my uncle to his house and a a rest.

I felt really happy because we had help from my uncle and we got to be together as a whole family playing and laughing together. We had a good time during those 4 days and it was really cool there!!!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Anzac Poem

Here is a little poem about Anzac and let God bless the soldiers with all thy might...
Enjoy reading my poem!!!

Anzac Poem

Anzac is war
But when they fight they create more

Soldiers will be hired
And when they start to fought they will get tired

Soldier with big guns
Will aim for their enemies to be done

Now let us gather here to witness them with our might
And soon they will be great as the light

Created by Newsam

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our amazing trip to Mount Temata

Here is my presentation about Mount Temata..There is a story about the mountain even interesting facts.
There are some pictures of my family on the mountain...
I hope you enjoy...
Many thanks
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Friday, 7 April 2017

Grace Joel Performances

 Today students from Glenbrae School went to a elderly's rest home for old people. The students were performers. We had 4 different items from 4 different Pacific Islands. It was Samoan, Tongan, Maori and Cook Islands.

We were ready with our brilliant teachers who I will thank for helping us prepare our item and helping us with our costumes. We were really nervous and excited at the same time. When we went into the hall there were a lot of old women and men who were really hype to see our amazing performances.

First was the Maori group, the haka was done by the room 7 boys who were really fierce and loud in their haka which is pretty sick right? Well after the haka was the Maori singing group. We sang "te aroha" and "Purea nei." I was happy that I got to lead the songs. I was also happy of my friend Angelica who was also leading the songs and she did pretty well. Next was the Tongan group. The tongan group was really confident and happy on how they were doing their performances.

One of the Tongan performers were being really shy and so we had to  tell that performer to keep up and to be confident. They also had the Tongan boys to dance with another song and they were really good, doing the actions right and they even were smiling real big.

After that it was my favourite culture group which is the Samoan group. The Samoan group was doing something really different. We were doing "slap dancing" which is called a "sasa." We had our dance coach, Miss Tofa to drum for us. We were ready to dance and we were going really hard, the moves were sharp and even I was in the Samoan group to represent my culture.

Later on we had the Cook Island group. We had our friendly friend Maara to do a freestyle dance for us. She was really good in dancing. Her dance had a really deep message. It was really relaxing for everyone who is watching. This was really inspiring for the performers. Then we had Aaliyahna dance with her for a fast dance. They were shaking so hard that they started sweating. It was really fun of them performing in front of us.

Finally we had performers to talk about the dance and what it is all about. We even had people dancing with us which was really fun. It was really entertaining for the elderly's who were having fun. Later they gave us some chocolates for our performances. We had Cherise say thank you for them for helping do breakfast and for giving the love to us. It was really fun performing and we really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Glenbrae kids

Monday 28 2017, the room 7 students and our teacher Miss Tofa went to the Early child hood centre to visit our amazing small children the glenbrae kids. We went there to see what have they been doing and what can help them with their learning, but for now we just went there to chill with them and get to know them better. We first sang a greeting song we have been learning. After that we went to pick out a little taina to play with and I went with my favourite nephew Prince Tarzan. He were really fun to play with. We went around the to other people and I got to know a lot of kids names. Well we went to the playground and our favourite part of the playground was the pirate boat because it reminds of my favourite movie "Titanic." Later on we had to pack up and clean up the mess we made. We got ready to go in a line and said goodbye to our taina. They were really fun to know and to play with.......

Here is a little image of Tarzan and I painting......

This was really enjoying, but I hope you visit them sometime and get to know them better and maybe hang out with them...

Many thanks
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tennis Reflection w/ Campbell

Today room 7 had Tennis with our amazing coach Campbell. Today was the last day of Tennis. Tennis is a task for us to learn skills and to understand the knowledge of skills and learning. Well for our last day we planned to do a tennis tournament. There were 3 champions in each 3 courts and there were a lot of good tennis players who knew what to do and knew where the ball was going. I did pretty well because it was really simple and Campbell told us simple instruction. The tournament didn't go well because there were a lot of cheating, no teamwork and responsibility for the balls and rackets. This was not going really well for our last day, but the good part is we had a lot of fun, we did really well and we had to verse our teachers who did pretty good.

Many Thanks