Thursday, 12 April 2018

My group inquiry about sound

During the past few weeks, Room 7 has been studying on sound. My group has chosen Sound diagram for our main topic. These slides contain information about how sound is produced and how we prevent hearing loss. I hope you enjoy our presentation!

I heard a whisper...

I heard a whisper…

During the mid-year of school, there were four students who needed to study for exams that were coming up. These four students were Jennie, Robert, Jeff and lastly Joanne. After school they planned to study in the library for exams. They went in the library and they started to prepare their books and pens. Four of them were sitting in the library studying for almost two hours.

Soon Joanne got really frustrated because Jennie, Robert and Jeff were busy chit chatting away about what they were going to do after studying. Joanne used all her anger to stop them from talking. “Hey! Can you guys be quiet? Can’t you see I’m studying over here!” Joanne said. They were all quiet, but that’s when they realised that Jennie was getting all nervous around them. “She’s being suspicious”. Robert said and they nodded. Jennie starting to feel more nervous when they started to stare at her like there was something on her face. Jennie was nervously saying “I kind of need help with my studies”. They all smiled and agreed.

They all sat on one table and checked to see what prompt that was given to them to study and when they were VERY shocked to see what the prompt was. They were speechless for 5 minutes and so Jeff started to speak up. “This prompt is very hard to understand and study on”. Firstly they read about the information about the prompt and when they finished, they were struggling to understand and getting stressed about it.

The prompt that was given to them was about the ancient egypt. They had to study for hours and hours until they had to understand. The more they didn’t understand, the more they got more stress and crazy. “This is just to hard to study on” Jennie said. All of a sudden they heard something that make them have shivers coming up from their spine. “Focus. Work hard. Learn”. Those were the words that kept repeating in their heads. They followed the voice from behind the desk where they enter and when they checked behind it was….an old lady, well not just a ordinary lady, but their librarian. She was repeating the words to them. They were very confused. Until the librarian said something.

“Just learn something from a book. There’s one book that is all about the ancient egypt and it can help you to understand”. She said the ways to get to the book and when they did what she say, they saw a lonely book on it’s own. They opened the book and it had alot of ancient egypt ideas about mummies and many more. The more they read, the more they understand and wrote on their books. After 3 hours, they finished their exam homework and they were happy and relief that they had help from the librarian.

2 days later

Exams were finished and it was the day they were going to find out their results. In class the teacher announced the results. When their names were called out, they were so happy because they had 100 out of 100 which was very good. They celebrated with the librarian for the help they got from her.

And they lived happily ever after….

They walk among us

They walk among us

Mark and Jennie finally were on there way back from the concert filled with gratification and excitement that was held at Mt Smart. They didn’t want to take the long way home so they went through the dark and gloomy alley which would be easier for them to reach home.“The walk to the alley will be fifteen to twenty minutes” Mark said. Jennies eyes lit up shocked of how many minutes it would take.

After two minutes they were still walking and the worse thing for them was that it was VERY misty. They heard some little footsteps coming towards them. They were frightened. Jennie didn’t know what to do while Mark was running around like psycho. The footsteps were getting louder and louder! They were running like crazy until they were lost and didn’t know where they were. “Where are we?” said Jennie. “Well it looks like were are lost Jennie!” Mark replied. They were trying to find their way out, but didn’t have a plan to find their way back home.

A few seconds later, Mark saw another alley which had lights on and made a path way which lead them to two people. They started walking and they realized that the other two mysterious people were also walking. “That is kind of terrifying with those two walking when we walk, don’t you think?” Mark said. Jennie just stood there, she didn’t even say a word, but kept staring. The more they walked forward, the closer they could get to the mysterious people.

Until a few inches close, they could see that they were wearing mask that covered their faces. “Hello!” Jennie yelled. The two figures were just standing there not even a single word coming out of their mouths. Mark was starting to get shivers going down his spine while Jennie was just smiling like nothing is happening. Suddenly Mark said. “May you please reveal your faces for us to see?”. As always, they were just standing until someone spoke. “Hello my dear friends, what are you guys doing here in this dark alley?”. No one replied. Mark started to run for his life and all of a sudden, one of the mysterious people started chasing after him. “Help me!” Mark cried.

This one mysterious person kept staring at Jennie and soon Jennie started running for her life. While she was running she stopped right in front of her neighbourhood. She was relieved that she made it back to her hometown when she heard running behind her. She turned around, but she didn’t know who that person was until she finally saw Mark’s face. Mark was running for his life and then started running with Jennie.
“I found you Jennie!” Mark said.

Soon they saw that the two mysterious people were catching up to them. They were very fast at running and the fact that they looked like they just finished coming out of the gym. Jennie and Mark soon made it to the house huffing and puffing.
“Wow, what a horrible night” Jennie said. When the door open to reveal their mother who just woke up from her sleep.
“Where have you been all night?” yelled mum. Jennie started to explain about what happen during the night while Mark was just agreeing to what Jennie said.

“O, hello!” mum said. They turned their heads to see who mom was talking to and it revealed the two mysterious people. They were getting frightened and Mark was about to scream until they revealed their faces. “JACKSON! LISA!” yelled Mark and Jennie.
“Surprise friend” replied Jackson and Lisa. Their faces were just blank and didn’t have anything to say. “ Why would you scare us like that?!” shouted Mark. “Don’t you know what day it is today?” replied Lisa. Still didn’t know what to say and they were getting more confused. “Oh, HAPPY HALLOWEEN KIDS!” mom yelled. Jennie was so confused until she checked her phone to see what day it was today. It was the 31 October which means it was Halloween.

“We are so stupid Jennie” Mark said. “So that’s why everyone was wearing witch costumes and also fair costumes to the concert” replied Jennie. Mum told them to come inside to eat a special cake that mum has decorated. Everyone looked at each other in a weird way. Jennie gave that how did you plan this look to Jackson and Lisa. Lisa started to explain everything until they understood why they were scaring them to death. “Time to go to bed kids!” mum said. They all went upstairs and separate different ways until they made their destination.  
“Happy Halloween!” they said.

The end

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Dog Profile

Today we have been given a activity about dogs. We had to pick a dog and I picked a "Golden Retriever." We had to look for facts about that dog and had to present it to the whole class.
I hope you enjoy my dog profile and I hope you enjoy these facts....

These are important facts about this dog and you should get a dog like this one because it is really intelligent and it can help you when your deaf. Read more facts about Golden  in this link - Golden Retriever Facts :)

School Holiday Recount

During the last day of school my parents created a surprise for us and didn't tell since we got back from school. We saw my parents packing up foods, clothes, some warm blankets and pillow. We went to the shops to buy Easter eggs for my younger cousins and my parents didn't tell us the place. We were trying to know the place we were going to.

After that my parents were ready to tell us. We were so excited to know where we were going and what we were going to do there. Finally parents exposed the secret. We were going to Hastings for a 4 day holiday. We were wondering about how long the ride was going to be. We had a 6 hour drive and we were not happy about how long the ride was. We wanted to do something fun during that 6 hours and all we did was take pictures and eat some food and drink water to be hydrated. We were very tired and we wanted to rest our heads, so we had a nap to relax while my dad is driving for 6 hours.

Later on we all woke up and it was almost 10 and we were still driving because my dad didn't know where to go. My dad didn't know where he was driving and we noticed that we were lost. We went to the gas station 3 or 4 times to fill our fuel. We had breaks and relaxed for a few minutes and we had to go again. We went to a around about and went to all four sections. We were really tired and we called my uncle to tell us the way to the house. We didn't know what to do, so we went twice to the 4 same roads we been to and check properly.

Then it was almost 11 in the evening. My dad was so scared that he thought that we were going to be lost forever. We kept on calling my uncle to tell us the way to the house and he told us where he lived, but the thing was that we didn't know where the road was. We were struggling really bad. We wanted to know which road was the house and where could the house be.

We wanted to wait neat some hotel nearby. We waited for 5 or 6 minutes. During that 5 or 6 minutes, we went outside to get some fresh air.  We soon saw a van and it was my uncle coming to help us. We first said hi to him and thanked him for helping us find the way home. We were happy that he came back. We went and followed my uncle to his house and a a rest.

I felt really happy because we had help from my uncle and we got to be together as a whole family playing and laughing together. We had a good time during those 4 days and it was really cool there!!!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Anzac Poem

Here is a little poem about Anzac and let God bless the soldiers with all thy might...
Enjoy reading my poem!!!

Anzac Poem

Anzac is war
But when they fight they create more

Soldiers will be hired
And when they start to fought they will get tired

Soldier with big guns
Will aim for their enemies to be done

Now let us gather here to witness them with our might
And soon they will be great as the light

Created by Newsam

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our amazing trip to Mount Temata

Here is my presentation about Mount Temata..There is a story about the mountain even interesting facts.
There are some pictures of my family on the mountain...
I hope you enjoy...
Many thanks
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